Get started with WP Mobili Plugin


Mobili plugin creates a platform on WordPress that users can have more control over the mobile mode of their sites.
By installing the mobili plugin, you can install a separate template for the mobile mode of your WordPress site. Note that this will not burden your site in any way, because the template and its codes will be loaded only when users enter the site with their mobile device.



In the development process of the mobili plugin, we have made speed and security our priority so that users can use and enjoy the plugin safely.
To prevent the site from slowing down, we acted in such a way that the mobile mode template was loaded only when users entered the site with a mobile device, and in the desktop mode, no additional files were loaded except for the few necessary files.
In terms of security, we tried not to leave the WordPress framework as much as possible and use WordPress core code.


Various mobile mode templates

The mobili plugin has a free market for mobile mode templates that users can use for free, and the number of these templates is increasing day by day.


Download and install

You can download the latest version of the mobile plugin from the WordPress repository.