Getting started for developers

First of all, we want to get acquainted with the exact meaning of the mobile mode template. WordPress uses templates for the appearance of the site and by selecting the desired template, the site becomes like that. With the installation of the mobile plugin, new conditions are created for displaying the template on the site. In this way, if a user enters the site with a desktop, the main site template will be displayed, and if the user enters the site with a mobile device or tablet, the mobile mode template will be displayed if it is set.

Developers can use the completely free features of the mobili plugin in two ways.

In the first method, which is called inline theme, you can use the plugin features in your desktop mode, and users can use features such as PWA, content for mobile mode, etc. by installing your template.

In the second method, which is called mobile theme, you design and program a separate template for mobile mode, which by installing it on the site, only the appearance of the site in mobile mode will look like that. To develop such templates, we act as the main WordPress templates and there are only a few things that we must follow.