Installing and activation of mobili themes

At first, we need to understand the meaning and use of mobili themes, it’s a theme that will only be shown on the mobile version of your website and it differs from the main theme of your website.

It will divide mobile and desktop versions in a way that does not affect the performance and also, helps it in a big way.


Installing mobile themes

There are two ways to do this, you can do it from your WordPress admin page, via the market of mobili themes, and also via zip file of your theme.


Installing via downloaded zip file

For this, you need to first have the zip file of your theme that you can download from the mobili theme market or also other markets. Either you can upload it in wp-contents > themes, or do it through WordPress installer:

Go to Appearance > Mobile Themes and click on Add New.

Click on Upload Theme and click on Choose File and select your file. At the last part click on Install Now and wait until the installation is over and after its successful click on Active.


Installing from the Mobili theme market

You can also download themes from the theme mark of mobili.

First, go to Appearance > Mobile Themes and click on Add New. then choose one of the themes you desire and install it.