Mobili inline Themes mode

Mobili theme lets you use your mobili themes settings and functionalities on desktop, functionalities such as PWA, mobile pages, functions, and hooks,… that we are going to explain more in this part.

If your theme is responsive and has all the functionalities of the mobile version, you can use this mode so that users only need to install the desktop theme and there is no need to install the mobile theme, and it’s going to have all of the advantages of the mobili plugin.


Adding mobili folder

All you need to do is to add this folder to your desktop mode.

To understand this, In the PWA feature, when the user logs in to the site with a mobile phone, they receive a message about installing the PWA application at the bottom of the page. The content of the message is uploaded from the templates/install.php file in the mobile plugin folder and by copying it into your desktop version folder, you can change its content.