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Mobili inline Themes mode

Mobili theme lets you use your mobili themes settings and functionalities on desktop, functionalities such as PWA, mobile pages, functions, and hooks,… that we are going to explain more in this part. If your theme is responsive and has all the functionalities of the mobile version, you can use this mode so that users only […]

Creating mobili themes

To create a mobile mode template, we will act like other WordPress templates, in other words, it will be programmed like them. But there are several principles and standards that must be observed. In the following, we will examine these principles and standards.   Mobili themes style.css file This feature is the most important and […]

Getting started for developers

First of all, we want to get acquainted with the exact meaning of the mobile mode template. WordPress uses templates for the appearance of the site and by selecting the desired template, the site becomes like that. With the installation of the mobile plugin, new conditions are created for displaying the template on the site. […]