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Get started with WP Mobili Plugin

Introduction Mobili plugin creates a platform on WordPress that users can have more control over the mobile mode of their sites. By installing the mobili plugin, you can install a separate template for the mobile mode of your WordPress site. Note that this will not burden your site in any way, because the template and […]

Mobili inline Themes mode

Mobili theme lets you use your mobili themes settings and functionalities on desktop, functionalities such as PWA, mobile pages, functions, and hooks,… that we are going to explain more in this part. If your theme is responsive and has all the functionalities of the mobile version, you can use this mode so that users only […]

Creating mobili themes

To create a mobile mode template, we will act like other WordPress templates, in other words, it will be programmed like them. But there are several principles and standards that must be observed. In the following, we will examine these principles and standards.   Mobili themes style.css file This feature is the most important and […]

Getting started for developers

First of all, we want to get acquainted with the exact meaning of the mobile mode template. WordPress uses templates for the appearance of the site and by selecting the desired template, the site becomes like that. With the installation of the mobile plugin, new conditions are created for displaying the template on the site. […]

Working with Page builders

In mobili themes for designing and making changes in different parts with page builders, we will be working all the same as it is on the desktop version. But there are a few things we need to pay attention to. Before making any changes you need to switch the mobile version on in the admin […]

Mobile mode in admin panel

With activation of the mobile mode in panel, mobile theme will be shown as your main theme for you. This functionality will be useful when you want to use the setting of a mobile theme or page builders or even when some of your plugins are not compatible with the mobile version and you can […]

Meaning and use cases of PWA

PWA or Progressive Web Application is a technology that was announced by google in 2015. A PWA application is a website that uses new and modern technologies but its functionality is like a normal mobile application. To make it easier to understand, PWA is a website that uses chrome, firefox, and other browsers to enter […]

Building the mobile version of pages

With installing mobili plugin, this function will be added to your WordPress so you can create a whole new page for your mobile version so your content will be shown in a better form and shape. First off in the pages part, hover on the page you need and select the “Edit Mobile version”. You […]

Installing and activation of mobili themes

At first, we need to understand the meaning and use of mobili themes, it’s a theme that will only be shown on the mobile version of your website and it differs from the main theme of your website. It will divide mobile and desktop versions in a way that does not affect the performance and […]